Highkicks Mission

To provide the best environment possible for teaching martial arts to anyone who accepts the challenges of learning martial arts.

Highkicks School of Martial Arts provides a place where people of all ages and abilities can learn and train martial arts in a clean and positive environment. We want students to be comfortable learning.

At Highkicks we believe that martial arts is a heritage. For centuries it has been taught traditionally with pride. However, much like the world today, martial arts is ever evolving with what and how it is taught. At Highkicks, our objective is to create an avenue for passing on the knowledge we know and to help students pursue their goals. We provide a fun and positive environment while maintaining the values associated with martial arts: respect, patience, honor, integrity, courtesy, humility, discipline, and indomitable spirit.

Martial arts can be challenging. With patience, effort, and dedication, success in martial arts is attainable by all. If you want to learn, we are here for you. We strive to treat each student individually and to promote their goals in a positive environment while maintaining individual accountability. We believe everyone can succeed by working together.

We focus on the one word that represents Highkicks: patience. Patience that we, as instructors, need to have with teaching and patience that you, as students, need with learning. The word “patience” was and is still the motto of the karate school Sir Danny originally trained and taught at. This was how his journey began following this simple principle and continues now at Highkicks.