HK Martial Arts Program

Combination of Japanese/Okinawan Karate and Sport Taekwondo

This curriculum based class is the core class for martial arts training at Highkicks School of Martial Arts.  By blending traditional Shito-Ryu karate with sport taekwondo, we provide a complete martial arts training program that is traditionally based with a modern spin. These classes are for anyone, whether you are journeying toward black belt or just wish to train martial arts as a form of fitness and discipline (you do not have to test). Classes  combine learning kicks, punches, strikes, blocks, stances, creative forms, point sparring drills, and self defense all while promoting the values associated with martial arts. Students learn the necessary skills to earn their next belt.  Classes are taught on an individual basis allowing participation by both beginners and advance level students. Highkicks offers age specific classes as well as family classes (students 5 and over can take class together).

As with all Highkicks’ classes, students learn in a positive energy environment. Developing respect, patience, integrity, self confidence, goal setting, flexibility and strength are just some of the advantages. Whether earning your black belt or fitness is your objective, you have the opportunity to attain your goals.