HK Tricking

Highkicks Tricking (Blending of acrobatic and martial arts skills)

Tricking is a common term for the blending of martial arts skills with gymnastics and acrobatic skills.  Tricking is an art and incredible to witness and do.  Students develop and learn from the ground up.  First you develop the fundamentals while gaining the necessary abilities to safely execute skills. Then, take those fundamentals to higher levels.  As with all martial arts disciplines, tricking requires extreme patience and commitment to excel.  To safely teach, we have high quality foam floors,  two 6” foam landing mats, and most importantly the knowledge to safely teach students from spotting, correcting technique, conditioning, and guiding them from one trick to another.  
Tricking is consistently evolving and being adapted into various forms of dance, stunt work, and freerunning.  With hard work and patience, the art of tricking is attainable by many.  Currently, Tricking is not a stand alone class but is incorporated within core classes.