Belt Program

At Highkicks, we present belts to students who have competently demonstrated the necessary skills to earn it. This happens as students put the time and effort in to learn and develop their skills. Sir Danny will take note of their achievements which will then lead to their invitation to test for their next belt. Each student is allowed to train at their own pace. The time it takes to earn a black belt can vary from student to student. Most students can earn their black belt in 3-5 years with dedicated training.

The belt order at Highkicks School of Martial Arts is:











At Highkicks, it is important to us that students understand that wearing a belt is a privilege. The belt should always be respected and worn with pride. At Highkicks, we make it known that achieving your black belt is not an end but merely the start of a new beginning. Many believe that a black belt means you are an expert in martial arts. This couldn’t be farthest from the truth. A black belt is respectfully known as a symbol that a student has become proficient with the fundamentals and ready to take skills and challenges to further levels. Martial arts is an ongoing learning process, and at Highkicks, it is our goal to help guide students towards a life of constant learning in martial arts.